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Revolutionizing the Real Estate Investment Industry through Technology and Innovation

True Passive Income

Invest in the freedom of passive income through Venus Capital’s Multifamily real estate opportunities. We strive to provide investors with consistent returns by leveraging our expertise in acquiring and managing Multifamily real estate.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are committed to providing our investors with the best opportunities by leveraging the latest technology, AI and innovation to optimize operations, customer service, and asset management.

Diversified Portfolios

Diversify your investments and stabilize your portfolio with Venus Capital. We provide access to Multifamily Real Estate, an asset class that prioritizes long-term returns over short-term volatility for maximum security.

Why Real Estate

Real estate investments are indispensable for high net-worth individuals seeking to bolster their financial standing. 

  • Diversification & Wealth Preservation: Property investments provide capital appreciation and passive income, serving as a buffer against inflation and economic uncertainties.
  • Portfolio Stability: Tangible assets like real estate minimize exposure to financial market fluctuations, ensuring sustained financial growth and stability.
  • Tax Advantages: With attractive benefits like potential deductions and depreciation, real estate becomes an essential component in optimizing high net-worth portfolios.

Harness the potential of real estate to preserve your purchasing power and establish a lasting financial legacy for generations to come. Invest wisely and thrive.

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Get to know us

Who We Are

Venus Capital is a women-owned Real Estate Investment firm focused on technology and innovation to provide investors with the best opportunities in Real Estate investing, and acquire assets in emerging markets in the US. Venus Capital delivers exceptional results by utilizing cutting-edge technology, leveraging deep industry knowledge, and constantly incorporating AI into all departments in the company to optimize operations, marketing, customer service, and asset management. This allows us to maximize profits and provide unparalleled value to our investors.

Our founder Vanessa Alfaro, is an entrepreneur, founder of five 7 figure companies in 3 countries, a real estate investor, and a multifamily syndicator who was recently profiled in the Real Estate book “10 Paths” as one of the ten most successful Real Estate Investor stories in 2022. With Vanessa’s extensive background in business, entrepreneurship, finance, capital raise and team leadership, she led the company to $50 AUM in only three years. Vanessa plays a lead role as a visionary in the company.

At Venus Capital, we are committed to providing our investors with the best opportunities by leveraging the latest technology and innovation in every aspect of our business. 

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results by utilizing cutting-edge technology and leveraging our deep industry knowledge. 

If you are interested in investing in real estate with a forward-thinking, technology-driven firm committed to maximizing your returns, Venus Capital Partners is the right choice for you.

Acquisition Criteria


  • Population: 150k +
  • Median income:50k +
  • Stable job growth with unemployment below the average national
  • Diverse employer base
  • Consistent population growth over the last 10 years and positive forecasts for the next 10 years


  • Asset class:  B 
  • Area class: A or B/ Path of progress
  • Units: 100 Units +
  • Garden style apartments


  • Returns: 18%-22% ARR, 5-7 years hold, 7% PR for Investors. 
  • Strong Value Add 
  • Rent growth: More than 5% YOY
Acquisition Criteria map

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Investment Process


Identify Opportunities

Our cutting-edge use of technology identifies market trends to confidently acquire properties that align with our investors' goals and promise strong appreciation and long-term value.


Strategic Acquisition

We use state-of-the-art technology and collaborate with top lenders to conduct due diligence and make informed investment decisions. We also communicate effectively with potential investors to ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Active Management

We use technology to manage our assets and maximize value for investors and tenants. We track market trends, employ efficient strategies, and use AI to improve leasing, collections, and maintenance.


Access our Investment Opportunities here. Please note that these opportunities are exclusively available for accredited and sophisticated investors who have already registered within our network.

We are dedicated to incorporating advanced technology to enhance response times for inquiries and provide updates on properties. By combining a personalized human touch with AI-driven investor reports, we strive to deliver an exceptional experience for our investors.

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Our Newest Offerings

Our Newest Offerings

Log in here to see Investment Opportunities. Investments are open only to Venus Investment Group members already registered as part of our network. You can register through this link pending our approval.

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At Venus Capital, we offer an exclusive opportunity for investors to gain access to our private real estate deals through the VIG (Venus Investment Group). As a member of our group, you will receive priority access to our latest investment opportunities, allowing you to invest before they become available to the general public. You’ll receive regular updates on our portfolio, market insights, and investment strategies, along with exclusive invitations to our events and educational seminars. Our VIG Group is free to join, and we ensure that all members meet the regulatory requirements set forth by the SEC. Sign up today to become a part of the Venus Investment Group community and gain access to our exclusive investment opportunities.