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Meet Vanessa Alfaro

Vanessa Alfaro is an entrepreneur and founder of five 7 figure companies in 3 countries, a real estate investor, and a multifamily syndicator. Her impressive journey was recently highlighted in the book “10 Paths” as one of the Top 10 most successful Real Estate Investor stories in 2022.

As the Founder of Venus Capital Partners, a woman-owned real estate investment firm, Vanessa concentrates on leveraging technology and innovation. Venus Capital delivers exceptional results by utilizing cutting-edge technology, leveraging deep industry knowledge, and constantly incorporating AI into all departments in the company to optimize operations, marketing, customer service, and asset management.

With an extensive background in business, entrepreneurship, finance, capital raising, and team leadership, Vanessa has driven the company to $50 million in assets under management in just three years. Vanessa plays a lead role as a visionary in the company.

Her deep understanding of business, finance, and people has allowed her to craft a legacy for her children, built on robust foundations of success and determination.

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